Listing of Known RN-B10's

State and City Bank, User Color Printer Unused/Used
CT, WaterburyAmerican Exchange NB, Benedict & BurnhamRAPCused
NJ, Jersey CityFirst NB, Jas. R. Thompson & CoRM&Eused
NY, New YorkAmerican Exchange NBRAPCunused and used
NY, New YorkBank of New York, R.O. EdwardsRAPCused
NY, New YorkCentral NB, Porter & HigbyR, or tintAPCused
NY, New YorkChemical NB, George Bliss & CoR, or tint unused*
NY, New YorkChemical NB, George C. TreadwellR, or tint used
NY, New YorkDibblee & Howan, ms alt from Atlantic NBRJBiused
NY, New YorkFourth NB, American Phototype CoR, or tint used
NY, New YorkFourth NB, C.S. Sloane & CoBlue, R used
NY, New YorkImporters & Traders NB, Drinker & Anderson JJBused
NY, New YorkMarine NB, H.J. Cullen, Jr.R unused
NY, New YorkMechanics NB, Wm J. ReeR, or tintJBiused
NY, New YorkMechanics NB, ms alt from Central NB, Porter & HigbyR, or tintAPCused
NY, New YorkMerchants Exchange NB, Slote & WoodmanR, tan tint used
NY, New YorkNational Citizens B, Beattys & BoakRAPCused
NY, New YorkNational Mechanics Banking Assoc of New YorkGPEBunused
NY, New YorkNational Shoe & Leather B, Wm B. HolmesR, or tintAPCused
NY, New YorkPeoples NB, Thomas S. Preston Josunused
NY, New YorkSecond NBR, or tintAPCunused**
NY New YorkUnion NB, Cashier of, David Groesbeck & CoRWDRused
PA, PhiladelphiaNational Bank of the RepublicBlue unused
VT, BurlingtonFirst NB of BurlingtonGH&Cused
VA, RichmondNational B of Virginia, ms alt from American Exchange NB, NYRAPCused

* This check may be an unmarked sample.

** It is possible that this check is an unmarked sample, but there is no trace of such a marking.

Note: Printer colors are of lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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