Revenue Stamped Paper Inventory - B11 and B13
Bob Hohertz

The recent acquisition of a Boonville, Missouri draft with a dark purple B imprint - B11 - inspired me to run an inventory of the purple and violet B's. Most of these can be found in the Castenholz Field Guides, but not quite all. Notably, the purples from Missouri and Rhode Island are not there.

The Missouri B11. The draft is one of those printed in the same color as the imprint by American Phototype..

Incidentally, Boonville, about 200 miles west of Saint Louis, probably had a population of well under 4,000 people in the 1860's. It would have been an unlikely place to find a prosperous national bank.

The Rhode Island B11. Curry and Richards switched to an orange B for their checks when they had a new supply printed.

An unused check with a violet imprint. The check was printed by American Phototype in the same color, and is quite pale.

There are specimen checks with violet or purple imprints. This implies that there were other users. Please report any not listed above to me for inclusion in the survey. Thank you.

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