Revenue Stamped Paper Inventory - the B1a's
Bob Hohertz

This inventory does not introduce any new finds, but it does bring together the different B1a's we know about.

B1a is the simple American Phototype design B, but purposely printed on both sides of the paper. This was done in connection with receipts generally kept by the company issuing them. The most common of these were used by William Topping and Company, a New York auction house. Topping kept books in which sellers could jot down amounts received and sign for them, and it saved paper and storage space to use both sides of each page.

Topping used four different revenue imprints on its receipts - A1a, B1a, B20a and C19a. The versions with B1a are known with two printed datelines: 1866 and 1867.

The only unused B1a's known are from Armory Company "A," wherever that may have been located. A number of armories had a Company A at the time in question, and there are no clues as to where this one was. If anyone knows with reasonable certainty, please let me know.

The imprints on the Niagara Fire Insurance Company salary receipts are printed horizontally. Also, the receipts on one side are printed upside down in relation to the other side. The dates on my copy are such as to indicate that when one page was filled up, the page was not only turned over, but the receipt book was turned 180 degrees as well. Perhaps they were not bound into books, in which case flipping them over vertically makes almost as much sense as doing it horizontally.

The Wells, Fargo receipts were used for multiple purposes. This side documents a list of fares debited to an agent, many for transportation from the newly-founded city of Corrine, a determinedly non-Mormon settlement north of Salt Lake City. The other side documents payment of $150 salary and $20 for boarding and lodging to W.A. Montgomery for his service as Division Agent at White Pine Stage Road from April 1 to 30, 1869.

For completeness, here is one of the Norwich, Connecticut receipts which the Norwich Savings Society used for recording withdrawals.

If anyone has any other B1a's, please report them to me for inclusion in the inventory. Thank you.

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