Listing of Known RN-C16's

State and City User Color Printer Unused/Used
CA, SacramentoBooth & Co. MSCused
CT, Mansfield CenterO.S. Chaffee & Son  used
IL, ChicagoCarter & JonesBrWBNused
IL, ChicagoDoggett, Bassett & Hills CSCused
IL, ChicagoHeath & Milligang tintWBNused
IL, ChicagoMears, Bates & Co. WBNused
IL, ChicagoSalt Company of Onondaga WBNused
IL, ChicagoSibley & Endicott  Chiused
IL, ChicagoPhilip Wadsworth & Co. WBNused
KY, LouisvilleStump & Walts Terused
MA, BostonGeo. W. Chipman & Co.  used
ME, PortlandW. & C.R. MillikenBlueLSHused
NY, AuburnArchimedean Axle Works, Sheldon & Co.  used
NY, New YorkAdriance, Robbins & Co. C&Bused
NY, New YorkAmerican Bible Society F&Lused
NY, New YorkArnold, Constable & Co. CMCused
NY, New YorkAverill Chemical Paint Co.  used
NY, New YorkL.M. Bates & Co. name at left  used
NY, New YorkL.M. Bates & Co. name above signature  used
NY, New YorkBuckley, Welling & Co. NaLused
NY, New YorkClark Thread Co. ABrused
NY, New YorkIsrael D. Condit & Son  used
NY, New YorkDelaware & Hudson Canal Co. NaLused
NY, New YorkEarle & Co.  used
NY, New YorkEly, Oberholser & Co. H&Sused
NY, New YorkN.B. Falconer & Co.  used
NY, New YorkBenedict Hall & Co.  used
NY, New YorkL. Heyninger & Co.  used
NY, New YorkB.H. Howell, Son & Co.  used
NY, New YorkLalance & Grosjean Manufacturing Co. S&Jused
NY, New YorkJoseph W. Lester & Co.  CHJused
NY, New YorkLivingston Steam Sugar Refinery DWLused
NY, New YorkJ.A. & H. Mills, Sons & Co.Br (?)SiBused
NY, New YorkJohn Munroe & Co. NaLused
NY, New YorkPassavant & Co.  used
NY, New YorkSabin, Clark & Co. BDBused
NY, New YorkSeely & Stevens  used
NY, New YorkAd. Sichel & Co AHeused
NY, New YorkTatham & Brothers  used
NY, New YorkH.K. Thurber & Co.G used
NY, New YorkE.H. Van Ingen DACused
NY, New YorkWallace & Schomaker  unused
NY, New Yorkblank form, A.B. Warner & SonGD&Iused
NY, New Yorkblank form, Israel D. Condit & Son  used
NY, SyracuseNeal, Baum & Co.GGSiused
OH, CincinnatiR.M. Bishop & Co. ?used
OH, CincinnatiProcter & Gamble  used
OH, ClevelandSmith & CurtissGS&Hused
OH, ToledoLuce, Chapin & Blass CHCused
PA, PhiladelphiaJames, Kent, Santee & Co. WmMused
TN, NashvilleCraighead, Breast & Gibson CMCused
TN, NashvilleMorgan, O’Bryan & Co.  used
TN, NashvilleWright, Hooper & Co.  used
WI, MilwaukeeClarence Shepard & Co.G, g tintS&Lused

Note: Printer colors are of lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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