Revenue Stamped Paper Inventory - RN C17
Bob Hohertz

Why redo an inventory of RN-C17, when Bill Castenholz published his findings in TCC in 1998? Because Bill recorded 22 different users nine years ago, and since then enough more have been reported to bring the total to 41!

C17 is one of the group of imprints that bear instructive clauses in small print not enclosed in a tablet. The earliest reported use of this combination had been April 26, 1870, from a census that Bob Pattetta published in The American Revenuer, April, 1991. A copy dated April 9, 1870 is currently in Erick Jackson's stock.

Type C was replaced by Type E in late 1871, so it is likely that C17 was supplied for one or two years at the most. Of the copies I have noted, most were used in 1870, with several dated 1871.

At one time there was a catalogue listing for C17 unused, but there currently is no listing for such in the Scott Specialized. I am familiar with two unused cut squares, one corresponding to a used receipt in the survey. Does anyone have or know of an unused entire?

The "mystery" unused cut square. Can anyone identify it?

The imprints on all but one of the copies in my collection are salmon, rather than a true orange. This must have been a conscious decision on the part of American Phototype, as it seems to hold true for C19 as well, but not most other C's with instructive clauses.

To see the C17 list, GO HERE.

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