Listing of Known RN-C17's

State and City User Color Printer Unused/Used
CA, San Franciscoblank form LeCused
IA, Sioux CityTootle & Charles WBNused
IL, ChicagoFairbank, Peck & Co WBNused
IL, ChicagoJ.A. & H.F. Griswold TMDused
IL, ChicagoLyman, Page & Co TGiused
IL, Chicagoblank formGreen used, cut square
IL, Malta (in ms)Sibley & Endicott  used
MA, BostonDouglas Axe Manufacturing Co  used
MA, BostonHomer, Bishop & Co  used and cut square, unused
MA, Bostonblank form RAFused
MA, Bostonblank form TGCused
MA, NorthamptonThayer, Sergeant & CoBrownBDBused
NY, BinghamtonWay & RoweGreen used
NY, New YorkAmerican News Co  used
NY, New YorkArnold, Constable & Co CMCused
NY, New YorkBaldwin, Rice & Read  used
NY, New YorkBenedict, Hall & Co  used
NY, New YorkS.B. Chittenden & CoBrownJSHused
NY, New YorkColgate & Co  used
NY, New YorkCurran, Goodwin, Walker & Co NaLused
NY, New YorkDuBois, Magovern & Co  used
NY, New YorkPeter Duryee & Co H&Sused
NY, New YorkEldridge, Dunham & Co JSHused
NY, New YorkEberhard FaberVioletHSBused
NY, New YorkWm. Oothout  used
NY, New YorkPhelps, Dodge & CoRedS&Bused
NY, New YorkPool, Nazro, Kimball & Co  used
NY, New YorkScudder, Gulick & Van Kleeck C&Tused
NY, New YorkH.K. Thurber & CoGreen used
NY, New YorkWagner & Kellam  used
NY, New Yorkblank form, frame line S&Bused
NY, New Yorkblank form, no frame line S&Bused
NY, RochesterBurke, Fitz Simons Hone & Co  used
OH, Mount VernonWelker & Bergin GreenWh&used
OH, NewarkFleek & Sherwood  used
OH, ToledoBell & Emerson Comused
PA, PhiladelphiaKindig & Clark WmMused
PA, PhiladelphiaJacob Riegel & Co LPHused
PA, PhiladelphiaYoung, Smith, Field & Co  used
TN, NashvilleA.G. Adams & Co  used
VT, Burlingtonblank form MSCused
WI, MilwaukeeRicker, Ober & Co.Orange, olive tintK&Cused
WI, MilwaukeeSmith, Chandler & Co  used

Note: Printer colors are of lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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