Revenue Stamped Paper Inventories - RN C5 and C8
Bob Hohertz

For the holiday season what would be more fitting than inventories of some red (read pink) and geren revenue imprints?

There are three choices for this exercise if one is to stay with the same Civil War imprint for both: B's, C's or L's. We have done red B's already, and the L's can wait for another day.

Red C's are not rare, though there are not many users. Green C's are - there is one known draft, one of the gems of revenue stamped paper.

An unused C5.

The Scott Specialized Catalog of United States Stamps and Covers identifies C5 as "pale red (shades)." To my eye, the color of these imprints is quite consistent from user to user. Though most of the red B imprints are a strong red, some are closer to the pale red of the red C's, so (shades) seems appropriate there, but doubtful here.

The C imprint does occur in a salmon shade, which is sometimes confused with pale red.

The Cleveland, Ohio C5 draft.

The only known C8.

As before, please report any different C5's to me, and any other copies of C8, whether the same user or a different one. Thank you.

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