Listing of Known RN-C5's

State and City Bank, User Color Printer Unused/Used
GA, MaconCentral GA B, Central lCity Purchase & Loan Ass'nVCMCused
IL, ChicagoJames M. AdsitBrCSCused
KY, LouisvilleLouisville City BGCMCused
MA, AdamsFirst NB, Kingman & HolmesB, gray tintFFNunused
MO, Saint LouisBroadway Savings B, Bargen & BoekhoffRCMCused
NY, New YorkGrocers B, William G. SchenkOr, or tintBrBused
NY, New YorkMerchants B, Samuel D. DavisGoldH&Cused
NY, New YorkMutual BBCBCunused & used
NY, New YorkOcean NB  used
OH, BucyrusFirst NBBlueWmMused
VA, RichmondMerchants NB MSCused
VA, RichmondMerchants NBBrMSCused
State and City Bank, Secondary Bank Color Printer Unused/Used
CT, HartfordAetna NB, pasteover Importers & Traders NB CLBused
MO, Saint LouisThird NB ABNused
OH, ClevelandJ. Schriber S&Hused
PA, MercerFirst NB, Tradesmans NB, PittsburghBlack, V, gray tintABNused

Note: Printer colors are of lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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