Revenue Stamped Paper Inventory - the G1a's and G1b's
Bob Hohertz

Proceeding with inventories of less common types of revenue stamped paper, here is an initial listing of G1a's and G1b's, consisting of those known to the compiler.

G1a's are checks or drafts with the Graphic Company of New York imprint on the back, right-side up. G1b's are the same, but with the imprint upside-down in relation to the check face. G1b's are not errors, as all examples known from the half-dozen recorded users are printed the same way.

The Black River Falls G1a.

In some cases it is logical to find the imprint on the back of the check, as the front is ornate. In other cases the check front is plain, so one wonders why the revenue was not printed there. I am not aware of any instance where an adhesive revenue was added because the user did not know the imprint was on the back, at any rate.

The listing was put together from items in the Castenholz Field Guides, others in my own collection, and several in other collections. No doubt there are more. Please send me good (300dpi) color scans or color paper copies of any you may have that are not represented, and I will add them to the list.

It is interesting to note that there are 29 distinct G1a's and G1b's in the lists as opposed to 43 verifiable users of G3's in the listing as of 27FEB07. And this does not even count seven G3's either listed as Unknown or Vanished. The smaller number probably is indicative of the situation that the first delivery of G's to everyone desiring imprinted paper at that time were G3's, but G1a and G1b users had to request placement on the back.

To see the G1a list, GO HERE.

To see the G1b list, GO HERE.

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