Listing of Known RN-O2's

State and City Bank, User Color Printer Unused/Used
IA, MarengoJ.H. Branch  DEFused
IL, ChicagoNB of Commerce  unused
IL, ChicagoPreston, Kean & Co., blank datelineblue unused
IL, ChicagoPreston, Kean & Co., Chicago datelineblue used
IL, ChicagoUnion Trust Co. UnLused
MO, Saint LouisGerman Savings Institution  unused, cut square
WI, MilwaukeeManufacturers B MLCunused

State and City Bank, Secondary Bank Color Printer Unused/Used
IL, ChicagoPullman's Palace Car Co.  used

Note: Printer colors are of the lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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