Revenue Stamped Paper Inventory - RN Xg
Bob Hohertz

Here is another inventory that was previously done by Bill Castenholz: the RN-X inverts. Bill did an informal one in an appendix to the state listings in the Revised Edition of his Field Guide to Revenue Stamped Paper, Part 1, The Western States. It was part of Some Rare X Types, which he began by listing the inverts, of which there were then five known users. He also made the prophetic statement, "There can be little doubt that more discoveries will occur."

Before the book was released from the printer the Sturgis, South Dakota inverts were discovered - 26 copies, in fact. This discovery was first announced in The Check Collector Number 39, July - September 1996. Bill wrote a closely-reasonned analysis of the inverts in the followng issue, finding that there should have been at least 44 of them produced, but where the remaining eighteen might be is unknown, if indeed they still exist.

A few years later a stamp-collecting truck driver was returning home through Virginia on back roads, stopping at small shops to see if they had any interesting items for his collection,when he bought three pieces of revenue stamped paper. Looking at them later, he discovered that the imprint on one of them was inverted.

In this case, the sheet that produced the inverted imprint remained upside-down through the process of cutting, so the printing on the check is shifted to the right. The number of possible inverts would depend on whether this was done before or after imprinting, but so far no more have been reported.

More recently the Saint Cloud, Minnesota invert came to light. It had been resident in a major collection before that, but had not been reported. What else is out there, known to one collector only?

The Sandusky, Ohio invert had been reported a fair amount of time before, somewhere, but I cannot relocate the reference to it. Bill did not include it in his article.

The Sandusky invert is shown here at 70% rather than 80% since it is quite long, but it is full size on its own inventory page. The imprint is partially on the check stub.

If anyone has any other X invert, please report it to me for inclusion in the survey. Thank you.

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