Listing of Known RN-G3's - Vanished Items

These items were reported by Ed Lipson in the November 1993 The Check Collector, and are among the things that disappeared when he moved into a retirement villa several years later. None were included in the Kelleher sale of the Lipson material in 1999. Reports of any copies corresponding to these items would be appreciated.

State and City Bank, User Color Printer Unused/Used
IL, Danville Danville B & Trust, alt from First NB ? WBC used
IL, Rock Island Mitchell & Lynde, alt from First National B ? ? used
VT, Brattleboro Peoples NB ? ? ?

State and City Bank, Secondary Bank Color Printer Unused/Used
NY, New York People's Savings B, Bull's Head B ? CBl unused
VT, Saint Johnsbury E. & T. Fairbanks & Co. ? Fma unused
WV, Morgantown Morgantown B ? MSC used

Note: Printer colors are of the lettering and/or vignette when capitalized and of the paper when in lower case.

Printer abbreviations are from the Security Printers Guide, available from the American Society of Check Collectors.

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